About Us

Pretoria City Mission ( Wesley ) has a history that dates back to 1861. The mother church of Pretoria Methodism started as an outstation of the Bloemfontein District of the Methodist Missionary Society. The congregation began to meet in a school building. It was around 1878 that this congregation  built the first Methodist Church in Pretoria at the old site i.e. Andries and Church Streets.

Cutting a long history short, Wesley moved to the present site in 1971. In 2011 we celebrated 40 years in the present site. In the early 1990’s when the winds of change swept across South Africa the cities became homes to all South Africans, churches in the cities needed new visions and identities. The social context dictated that Wesley becomes a City Mission focusing on creating signs of the Realm of God with and for the people of the city.

In and through its various projects as well as its partnerships with other churches in the city, the City Mission reaches and touches many lives. It offers assistance to the many needy and desperate people of the city.

In planning for the next three years,  Pretoria City Mission is committed to being a spiritual home for the diverse Methodists who worship there. We believe that we exist to do God’s mission and so we will focus on doing that. The Vision that is guiding us is: