Justice and Service

Justice, service and reconciliation:

To promote the values of justice, unity, reconciliation and:

The healing of national ills, physical, environmental and social and to be Christ’s compassionate outstretched hands in the world. Centuries of alienation, discrimination and inequality amongst the nations in southern Africa means reconciliation remains a major issue and Christians are expected to take a lead. Church members at circuits and societies need to forge unity across cultural, racial, age, gender and class lines and deal with social issues such as crime, women and child abuse, ministry to refugee, and offering shelter to destitute. This mission imperative puts emphasis on morality (i.e. Christ-like biblical principles translated into practical action) and dignity (i.e. individual worthiness and wellbeing). Methodist people are expected to implement “moral regeneration” strategies through teaching and accountability beginning in class meeting progressing throughout the church (MCSA) structures.