This is the 5th Pillar which was officially launched on 16 February 2014. This pillar was adopted in Methodist Church of Southern Africa Conference held in Lesotho 2011. The Conference highlighted the following challenges that the country is facing:

  • Closing of teacher education
  • Education that has become an expensive commodity
  • Drop in numeracy and literacy levels
  • Teachers not well prepared to deliver quality education due to frequent changes that bring instability in education
  • Absence of parents in education of their children
  • Advent of the digital world has good and bad consequences in education

The consequences of these challenges are low morale and drop in education standards.It was then agreed upon that some activities are crucial to raise the standard of education in our country and the church took upon itself that the following activities would be the start of this resuscitation process:

  • Prayer
  • Provision of quality education
  • Bringing back God in education
  • 1st Sunday of February – Education Sunday